Category: Development

  • Remove Promoted Tweets from Twitter on Desktop for Chrome

    Ever been browsing through Twitter and thought, “I sure do hate these awful mobile game ads and clickbait articles interrupting my feed”, on desktop? Then you’re in luck. With the help of a browser extension for Chrome that lets you insert custom scripts for certain domains and some lines of JavaScript you can remove promoted […]

  • Appfire Technologies WordPress Theme

    A WordPress theme I worked on as a developer at Appfire. It is currently an on-going project, as I am adding in additional functions as I go, as well as keeping the site well maintained. Released to the public April 28th 2021. Can be viewed here.

  • Bullhorn Developer Challenge

    A challenge I did for the company Bullhorn in Boston when interviewing for them to be a UI developer. The challenge they gave was to take a JPEG of the desktop version of the site and to code it however you would like. I personally decided to use Bootstrap 4 and SCSS. Bootstrap was chosen […]

  • Nooka Watch Processing Snippet

    A pen made using the coding language Processing, built to look like a watch brand I enjoy the designs of. Watches from Nooka. Made with processing.js. See the Pen Nooka by Jason Fisher (@jmfisherr) on CodePen.

  • ToDo with Angular JS

    A pen I made back when Angular was the front-end framework everyone was using. The framework has changed a bunch since, but this still runs. See the Pen Todo App using AngularJS by Jason Fisher (@jmfisherr) on CodePen.

  • Smooth Clock

    See the Pen Smooth Clock by Jason Fisher (@jmfisherr) on CodePen.

  • Happy Birthday

    See the Pen Happy Birthday by Jason Fisher (@jmfisherr) on CodePen.