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  • Nooka Watch Processing Snippet

    Nooka Watch Processing Snippet

    A pen I created using the coding language Processing with p5.js to render it on the web using JavaScript, built to look like a Nooka watch. Watches from Nooka. Made with processing.js. See the Pen Nooka by Jason Fisher (@jmfisherr) on CodePen. See my other development work here!

  • Smooth Clock

    Smooth Clock

    See the Pen Smooth Clock by Jason Fisher using JavaScript and Processing (@jmfisherr) on CodePen. Be sure to see my other development work here!

  • tapnote*


    My degree project tapnote the musical game for your phone that the deaf community can enjoy as well. Animated with Adobe After Effects. I have done another project using After Effects and this is the most complex one I have done to date. For one of my first After Effects projects look here! Be sure […]

  • Onomatopoeia ER Intro

    Onomatopoeia ER Intro

    Onomatopoeia ER Intro from Jason Fisher on Vimeo. Animation built using Adobe After Effects done for Typography II Class.