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  • Appfire Technologies WordPress Theme

    Appfire Technologies WordPress Theme

    A WordPress theme I worked on as a web developer at Appfire. It is currently an on-going project, as I am adding in additional functions as I go, as well as keeping the site well maintained. Released to the public April 28th 2021. Can be viewed here. Feel free to view some of my other […]

  • UInvestigation: Amazon Mobile App

    UInvestigation: Amazon Mobile App

    This article is to go over one of my main UI/UX experience design concerns when using Amazon’s mobile shopping app. This mainly has to do with your lists and organizing them. My first obstacle when utilizing Amazon’s list feature on the mobile application is that you are not able to order it in any way […]

  • Bullhorn Developer Challenge

    Bullhorn Developer Challenge

    A challenge I did for the company Bullhorn in Boston when interviewing for them to be a UI developer. The challenge they gave was to take a JPEG of the desktop version of the site and to code it however you would like. I personally decided to use Bootstrap 4 and SCSS. Bootstrap was chosen […]

  • ToDo with Angular JS

    ToDo with Angular JS

    A pen I made back when Angular was the front-end framework everyone was using. The framework has changed a bunch since, but this still runs. See the Pen Todo App using AngularJS by Jason Fisher (@jmfisherr) on CodePen.