Hello and welcome!

My name is Jason Fisher, a designer and developer who currently resides and grew up in Massachusetts, USA. My background in design comes from my time studying at Massachusetts College of Art and Design. There I learned how to design while focusing and maintaining a positive user experience through multiple design review rounds and critiques. Also, while studying there I started my journey into web development. The first class I took focused on foundations in HTML and CSS. I then took this knowledge to the next level with the following course they offered, Advanced Web Projects, which brought me into the interactive web with JavaScript/jQuery as well as responsive design using Bootstrap. The following year I became a teaching assistant for the class exposing me to pair coding reviews and debugging code that was not my own.

After graduating from MassArt I then went on to continue my web development journey within the marketing space. I started with my role with MarketOne in 2014 and most recently ended my role with Ciberspring during that time I continued to develop my front-end development expertise. During my past roles I have mainly been working within the Eloqua platform from Oracle setting up campaigns, landing pages, as well as email marketing campaigns. I currently utilize my talents at Appfire and hope to continue to grow my skills and help others navigate the wild-wild-web.

I am always looking to apply my web development knowledge for new and exciting projects, feel free to reach out via my contact page if you’re interested in collaborating!