Bullhorn Developer Challenge

A challenge I did for the company Bullhorn in Boston when interviewing for them to be a UI developer. The challenge they gave was to take a JPEG of the desktop version of the site and to code it however you would like. I personally decided to use Bootstrap 4 and SCSS. Bootstrap was chosen for its responsive layout build tools. SCSS was chosen for writing and organizing the styles. You can view the GitHub repository here or view the page live here.

Bullhorn Developer Challenge Desktop View
Bullhorn Developer Challenge Mobile View

Ciberspring Email Template

This responsive email template was designed using Photoshop CC to fit within Ciberspring brand guidelines and for internal usage.

Ciberspring Email Design Desktop


My degree project tapnote* the musical game for your phone that the deaf community can enjoy as well.

Wander Magazine

Magazine project on the subject of budget traveling for young twenty-somethings. This issue focuses on New England travel in the state of Vermont in springtime.

Wander Cover
Wander Contents
Wander Splash Page

Threaded Memories

Book box
Book box 2
Book box with book
Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4
Page 5
Page 6

This was a project to describe my artistic background and I chose to do a quilted book with embroidered accents. I chose this aesthetic because it was a gift to my mom and she has a background with the fiber arts.

Panjiva – API

Panjiva - API comp

Panjiva - API

A marketing page I helped to design and develop during my internship at Panjiva, this page has been taken down since purchase by S&P Global.