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My Work from Home Setup

Thanks for taking a moment to browse my personal website! Normally during the day I’m developing something for the web for my job, so I like to make […]

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ToDo with Angular JS

A pen I made back when Angular was the front-end framework everyone was using. The framework has changed a bunch since, but this still runs. See the Pen […]

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Smooth Clock

See the Pen Smooth Clock by Jason Fisher using JavaScript and Processing (@jmfisherr) on CodePen. Be sure to see my other development work here!



My degree project tapnote the musical game for your phone that the deaf community can enjoy as well. Animated with Adobe After Effects. I have done another project […]


Wander Magazine

Print magazine design project on the subject of budget travel for young twenty-somethings. This issue in particular focuses on New England travel in the state of Vermont in […]